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Forms of life and death pass daily through the retina.

-Roberto Bolaño, Infrarealist Manifesto, 1976

The experience of looking has a visceral relationship with the human psyche. It is the weighty tug of the untranslatability of aesthetic phenomenology. Within every moment there is a nonsense spectrum from the transcendent, to the banal, and down to the tragic. The fact that there is a constant ordering of the visual world into comprehensive and accessible aspects of experience, the fact that babies are born seeing upside-down and backwards, and the correction is learned in human development is astounding. Whenever words fail, the occipital lobe swoops in so discreetly and wonderfully to fill up that empty space that language cannot address. 

The Sex Lives of Animals Without Backbones is my current body of work, and in it, I deal with aesthetic phenomena at a visceral level. What does sight, and conversely imagination have to do with knowledge? Through a creation of discreet vignettes that reference educational visual diagrams I want to reorder experiential perspective on the relationships between scientific and intuitive understandings of being. Each image is an imagined meeting point between the internal organs, internal monologue, and external world. 


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